Busy Week for Chemical Security


This week, DHS reproposed its Personal Surety Program (PSP) to vet all employees and unescorted visitors needing assess to restricted areas at CFATS facilities.  The proposal, which is better than the one withdrawn last summer, is still deficient.  DHS will still not reciprocally-recognize ATF, TWIC or other valid federal security credentials or clearances without preconditions.  Again, DHS is calling for 48-hour advance notice prior to access being granted.  Nor will DHS give facilities information about whether or not those vetted are a terrorist threat.  The notice states that the PSP will initially be applied only to facilities in Tiers 1 and 2 and that the agency will make changes as necessary to address implementation problems before requiring Tiers 3 and 4 to comply.

In addition, the USCG released its TWIC reader proposal   The proposal would require "high risk" MTSA facilities, including those that handle CDC in bulk, which includes AN, to use readers or integrate TWIC with already existing Physical Access control Systems (PACS).  Other MTSA facilities will be able to continue to spot-check TWIC cards under this proposed rule.   

Comments on both notices are due by May 21, 2013.