Employees of all member companies are eligible to participate in committee activities and to serve as a Committee Chair or Vice Chair. IME's standing committees provide members with an opportunity to share their knowledge and support through volunteerism. Individuals serving on IME committees contribute their time, experience, and expertise for the good of the commercial explosives industry.

Steering Committee

Chair: Jason Rawlings, Austin Powder Company

The Steering Committee is the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors. The Steering Committee may recommend to the Board of Governors (i) amendments to the bylaws; (ii) alterations to the dues structure or payment schedule; (iii) admission of new members or expulsion of existing members, (iv) ratification of the annual budget. The committee is comprised of the Chair and Vice Chair of IME's Board of Governors and the top four dues-paying members. Additionally, the committee includes one associate member nominated by the associate members and approved by the board.

LEAD Group

Chair: Jessie Kelsey, Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC

The purpose of the LEAD group is to develop the next generation of IME and industry leaders by providing opportunities for leadership development and training; facilitating the transfer of knowledge regarding IME’s mission between current and future IME leadership; and building professional relationships with industry peers and government officials.  

LEAD is intended to engage member company representatives under 45 years old. However, recognizing that persons new to the IME may benefit from LEAD activities, the group welcomes and encourages the participation of new member company representatives of any age. It is expected that LEAD participants will be fully positioned as leaders within IME, and therefore, continued participation in LEAD is discouraged after seven years of participation. 

UN Committee

Staff Liaison: Josh Hoffman

The UN Committee is a subcommittee of the IME Board of Governors. The committee has the responsibility of managing IME"s NGO participation at the United Nations Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UNSCETDG or TDG) and the Subcommittee on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (UNSCEGHS or GHS).

Communication Committee 

Staff Liaison: Larry Farnsworth

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing, updating, and advising IME on communications policies and content development. The Communications Committee also recommends new ways for IME to communicate with its members, stakeholder organizations, and the media about the safe and secure manufacture, distribution, use, and transport of commercial explosives.

Government Affairs Committee 

Chair: Tom Young, Hilltop Energy

Staff Liaison: Julia Bogue

The Government Affairs Committee tracks, evaluates, and makes recommendations on new and changing public policy as it applies to the manufacturing, transportation, handling, storage, and use of explosives.

Legal Affairs Committee

Chair:  Ross Davidson, Dyno Nobel 

Staff Liaison: Susan Flanagan

The Legal Affairs Committee is comprised of attorneys representing IME member companies. This Committee advises IME to ensure adherence to relevant statutes, regulations, and decisions by courts and administrative agencies.

Safety, Health, & Environmental Affairs Committee

Chair: Darrel Martin, Austin Powder Company

Staff Liaison: Susan Flanagan

The Safety, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee is responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the Board of Governors on all matters relating to workplace safety, health, and sustainability and to the protection of the environment in the manufacture, transportation, storage, handling, use and disposal of explosive materials. 

Technical Committee

Chair: Randall Franklin, Nelson Brothers

Staff Liaison: Josh Hoffman

The Technical Committee is responsible for evaluating and making recommendations on all technical matters pertaining to safety in the manufacturing, transportation, handling, storage, and use of explosives.

Transportation, Distribution, & Security Committee

Chair: Bill Joa, Dyno Nobel

Staff Liaisons: Susan Flanagan and Josh Hoffman

The Transportation, Distribution, and Security Committee is responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the Board of Governors on all matters pertaining to safety and security and proper practices in the transportation, storage, handling, use, disposal, and distribution of explosives. It is also responsible for reviewing IME's Safety Library Publications (SLPs) relating to transportation and distribution or security matters and for making recommendations for changes, as appropriate.