News Archive

12/18/2014 - HR 4007 is Signed
12/15/2014 - FY 2015 "Cromnibus" is Enacted with IME Supported Policy Riders
12/11/2014 - Congress Enacts CFATS Authorization Legislation
12/10/2014 - Senate Clears HR 4007 -- CFATS Authorization Legislation
12/10/2014 - Hazardous Materials Safety Permit (HMSP) Rider Included in the FY 2015
12/10/2014 - FY 2015 Cromnibus Includes Rider to Suspend the Restart Provision under HOS Rules
11/12/2014 - IME Asks EPA to Withdraw its ?Waters of the U.S.? Proposal
11/06/2014 - IME Files Comments on EPA's Risk Management Program
10/29/2014 - Senators Weigh in Against Expanding RMP to Ammonium Nitrate
10/16/2014 - IME Files Comments Urging a Bright Line Between ATF and DHS Regulation of Explosives and Explosive Precursors
10/14/2014 - IME Files Comments on PHMSA's Proposed Safety Fitness Standards
09/15/2014 - IME Files Comments of Proposal for Bulk Explosives Truck Standards
08/12/2014 - Institute of Makers of Explosives Welcomes Manager of Government Affairs
08/01/2014 - Senate Committee Reports Much Anticipated CFATS Authorization Legislation
07/29/2014 - Dyno Nobel Receives Rear Admiral Richard E. Bennis Award for Excellence
07/16/2014 - US, Canada, Mexico to Meet on Environmental Issues
07/08/2014 - House Passes Legislation to Authorize the CFATS Program
07/08/2014 - Rulemaking to Incorporate Standards for Multi-purpose Bulk Trucks Heads to the Federal Register
06/09/2014 - IME Responds to the Release of the Interagency Working Group?s Executive Order 13650 Report for the President on Improving Chemical Facilities Safety and Security
05/27/2014 - Dent Says NO to Redundant CFATS Background Check
05/06/2014 - FMCSA Told to Provide Due Process to HMSP Holders
05/06/2014 - No User Fees for PHMSA
04/30/2014 - CFATS Legislation Advances
04/30/2014 - Fixing the Ammonium Nitrate Security Program
04/30/2014 - Advancing the Goals of Chemical Safety and Security
04/16/2014 - IME Urges Safe Handling of Ammonium Nitrate on the Anniversary of the West, TX Explosion
04/14/2014 - IME Announces the Hiring of Debra Satkowiak as President
04/09/2014 - HMTA Reauthorization Proposals
03/31/2014 - Senators Oppose Regulation of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) Under EPA's RMP Rule
03/31/2014 - IME Files Comments Encouraging Improved Chemical Safety and Security
03/21/2014 - IME Files Comments on Hazardous Materials Research Projects
03/18/2014 - FMCSA Releases MAP-21 on the Hazardous Materials Safety Program (HMSP) Program
03/16/2014 - IME Submits Papers to the 45th Session of the UN TDG
03/04/2014 - Administration Reproposes User Fees for Special Permits and Approvals
03/04/2014 - CFATS Personnel Surety Program
03/03/2014 - ISEE Endorses IME's AN Safety and Security Guidelines
02/10/2014 - IME Files Comments Opposing OSHA Silica Proposal
02/07/2014 - CFATS Authorization Bill Introduced in the House
01/15/2014 - EPA Releases Bristol Bay Mine Study
01/15/2014 - 2013 Edition of the Training Video "Responding to Highway Incidents Involving Commercial Explosives"
01/14/2014 - FY 2014 Omnibus Appropriations
01/13/2014 - Meehan and Shimkus Step Up to Protect Security-Sensitive Chemical Information