House Appropriations Committee Reports FY13 Continuing Resolution


The House Appropriations Committee reported legislation, HR 933, to the floor that provides funding to keep the government running for the last six months of FY 2013, through September 30, 2013. To date, the existing six-month continuing resolution (CR) has been funding the government at about a 0.6% increase over FY 2012 enacted levels.  The measure effectively eliminates that increase, while also providing adjustments (so-called "anomalies") to increase or decrease funding for certain specified programs and activities.  Almost all of the FY 2013 funding provided by the measure subsequently will be reduced across-the-board as required by the sequestration ordered by President Obama on March 1.  OMB estimates that nondefense discretionary accounts subject to sequestration will be reduced by 5%.

The bill continues FY 12 funding for ATF and PHMSA.  At DHS, the bill provides $1.14 billion for Homeland Security Department infrastructure protection and information security activities (up from $888 million in FY 2012), most of the increase aimed at cybersecurity activities. The bill also extends the CFATS program through FY 2013.  CFATS does not have a permanent authorization, and until such authorization, must be extended each year in appropriations legislation.

Like the existing CR, the bill sets an obligation limit of $39.1 billion for FY 2013 for federal highway programs — $555 million below the level set by the surface transportation authorization law (PL 112-141) enacted this summer. This is a disappointment for the road-building and related industries.