IME Awards 2017 Safety & Health Certificates of Excellence


Contact: Debra S. Satkowiak                                                                                             October 20, 2017
President, IME                                                                                                                  
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IME Awards 2017 Safety & Health Certificates of Excellence
Washington, D.C. – The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) recognizes seven IME member companies as recipients of the 2017 Safety & Health Certificate of Excellence.   
Austin Powder Company, Cleveland, OH
Dyno Nobel, Salt Lake City, UT
Nelson Brothers, Birmingham, AL
Detotec North America, Sterling, CT
Orica USA, Watkins, CO
Owen Oil Tools, Godley, TX
Special Devices Incorporated, Mesa, AZ
MP Associates, Ione, CA
The certificates are awarded to IME member companies which achieve a safety record for the previous year that exceeds the achievements of their peers in the manufacturing sector.  The average is based on the DART (“Days Away, Restrictions and Transfers”) rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.    
Linda Menendez, Chairwoman of the IME Safety & Health Committee stated, “These seven IME member companies exemplify the spirit of safety by achieving a rate lower than the national average, proving for another year the high standard of safety that embodies the commercial explosives industry. “
IME’s President, Deb Satkowiak, added “I’m proud that IME has awarded these seven companies the Safety & Health Certificate of Excellence for their tremendous efforts to keep their employees and the public safe.  Since IME was founded in 1913 to improve the safety practices of the explosives industry, the industry has continued to achieve safer manufacturing operations, safer handling procedures, and safer transportation processes, which member companies have in turn articulated in the IME’s Safety Library Publications.”
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