Delaware Passes Drone Bill Protecting Critical Infrastructure


With drone legislation popular in nearly every state, Delaware recently passed legislation that will help protect IME member facilities.  Introduced by State Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf (Democrat), the bill prohibits unmanned aircraft systems from flying over public events at which more than 5,000 people are in attendance and critical infrastructure in the State of Delaware.  

According to the legislation:
Critical infrastructure “means petroleum refineries, petroleum storage facilities, chemical storage facilities, chemical manufacturing facilities, power plants, electric generation facilities, military facilities, commercial port and harbor facilities, rail yard facilities, drinking water treatment and/or storage facilities, government buildings and public safety buildings and/or facilities.”

Passed by both chambers with near unanimous support, the legislation will be forwarded to the Governor in the near future for his expected approval. 

IME advocates for reasonable drone operations limits in order to prevent unauthorized use over critical infrastructure because of the potential safety and security risks they can clearly pose to facility operations, workers, and surrounding communities.