House Votes to Overturn Obama Water Rule


On January 13, the House voted to overturn the Obama Administration’s onerous “Waters of the US” (WOTUS) rule by a vote of 253 to 166.  The Senate passed, SJ Res 22, which disapproves the WOTUS rule, last November, and the House’s vote in support of the resolution today sends it to the White House.  Unfortunately, the President has promised to veto the bill and while support for the resolution is strong, neither the House nor Senate is expected to be able to override the veto.
Opponents of the WOTUS rule, including the IME, argue the EPA vastly overstepped its jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act triggering additional burdensome permitting and regulatory requirements.  Click here to read IME issue brief on the subject.  Click here to read an article from The Hill on the vote.