Obama Vetoes Climate Rules Rollback Bills


For the sixth and seventh time this year, President Obama vetoed legislation that he found disagreeable.  In this case, because Congress had already adjourned for the year and couldn’t override a veto, President Obama used a pocket veto where he simply did not sign the legislation.  To make his views perfectly clear, he returned the bills to Congress along with a veto message outlining his rationale.   The bills he vetoed, S J Res 23 and S J Res 24, would have rolled back his controversial climate change regulations.  Opponents of the controversial regulations still have the opportunity to prevail against them in the Courts, by supporting the 22 states who have already sued to block the regulations. IME joins with those who believe that coal is one of the Nation’s greatest natural resources and efforts should be focused on developing low emission technology and the continued opportunity to allow coal to meet our Nation’s energy needs.