PHMSA Delivers "Huge" Present to Industry


PHMSA will deliver a special gift to the industry next week.  PHMSA’s final rule, HM-223D, establishing standards for the operation of bulk trucks carrying explosive materials will be printed in the Federal Register on Monday December 22, 2015.  In brief, the final rule incorporates by reference IME’s SLP-23 into the HMR, it does not include the proposals for triple battery cut-off switches, nor does it include untested fire suppression systems, stability controls, or a ban on IME-22 boxes, ending the need to obtain Special Permits for these vehicles.  PHMSA retains authority to “revise” the standards “as needed,” with the caveat that only if the data show a need. 
Effective 30 days after being posted in the Federal Register the rule will, according to PHMSA, benefit both the public and the industry in the following ways: (1) eliminate the need for firms to apply individually for the transportation of certain classes of bulk materials in MBTs, (2) provide regulatory flexibility and relief while maintaining a high level of safety, (3) promote safer transportation practices, (4) facilitate commerce, (5) reduce paperwork burdens, (6) protect the public health, welfare, safety, and environment, and (7) eliminate unnecessary regulatory requirements.
 To read the rule before it is published in the Federal Register, click here.  To order your copy of SLP 23, or download one for free, click here.