Senate Clears HR 4007 -- CFATS Authorization Legislation


Today, the Senate passed HR 4007, legislation to authorize CFATS for four years.  This bill is critical to IME interests because it contains language to force DHS to accept vetting done by other federal agencies, including ATF, rather than insisting that facilities act as middlemen to clear all covered individuals through the redundant Personnel Surety Program (PSP).  This statutory fix is time-sensitive because the PSP proposal is pending finalization at OMB.  As the 113th Congress comes to a close, it was “touch and go” as efforts were made to resolve last-minute “holds” on the bill before it could be brought to the Senate floor.  This bill represents years of work by IME, and we are thrilled and thankful to the Senate for its quick action.  The legislation now heads back to the House for approval before it can be sent to the President for signature.  Like the Senate, the House will attempt to move the bill under a process that precludes debate given time constraints to adjournment.  Stay tuned!