IME Announces the Hiring of Debra Satkowiak as President


The Institute of Makers of Explosives, the safety and security organization of the commercial explosives industry, is very pleased to announce the hiring of Debra Satkowiak as IME’s new President.  Until recently, Debra had been the Chief  of the Firearms and Explosives Industry Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”). 

“Deb has had an outstanding career with the ATF.  No one knows more about explosives regulation or better understands the need for industry and government to work together to achieve mutually shared explosives safety and security objectives than Deb Satkowiak,” stated Tim O’Brien, President of Detotec North America, Inc. and Chairman of the IME.  He added, “As the new President of IME, Deb’s ability to encourage and foster cooperation between the industry and government agencies will be a key strength moving forward.”

Ms. Satkowiak served for 23 years in a variety of positions at ATF, culminating in her appointment to the Firearms and Explosives Industry Division in 2010.   Over those 23 years, Deb’s experience encompassed field inspections, advanced training, development of explosives policy and regulations, media and legislative affairs, and executive leadership.  Her background, which includes extensive interaction with blasters and other direct users of commercial explosives, distributors, manufacturers, consultants, and company executives, has provided her with a sound background in the technical aspects of the products IME’s member companies handle every day.

Debra joins IME as it begins a new century of service to the commercial explosives industry.  “For over 100 years, IME has been at the forefront of identifying and broadly disseminating best practices for safe and secure commercial explosives operations.  The addition of someone who understands government regulation and the commitment of IME members to safety and security as well as Deb does ensures that IME’s tradition of excellence, safety and security will continue,” concluded Mr. Obrien.

Founded in 1913, the IME is the safety and security institute of the commercial explosives industry.  The IME represents U.S. manufacturers of high explosives and other companies that distribute explosives or provide related services.  Commercial explosives are used in every state in the union and are distributed worldwide.  The value of our shipments is estimated in excess of $1 billion annually.  The ability to manufacture and distribute these products safely and securely is critical to this industry. IME’s 27 Safety Library Publications cover all aspects related to the safe and secure manufacture, transport, storage and use of commercial explosives.  The Institute does not sponsor trade shows or other marketing events.