OSHA Proposes to Publish Employer Injury & Illness Data Online


OSHA issued a proposed rule today that would make significant changes to how the agency collects and publishes employers’ injury and illness (I&I) data.  The agency is proposing to amend its current recordkeeping regulations to add requirements for the electronic submission of I&I information employers are required to keep under existing standards.  Companies with 250 or more workers would be required to file OSHA 300 Logs on a quarterly basis.  Companies in “high-hazard” industries with more than 20 employees would have to submit the logs annually.  The data would be posted online with certain protections to ensure that individuals cannot be identified.  OSHA hopes that the new system will aid its efforts to more effectively target its compliance assistance and enforcement resources, “by identifying workplaces where workers are at greater risk, and enable employers to compare their injury rates with others in the same industry.”  Comments will be accepted until Feb. 6, 2014.