Continuing Appropriations for FY 2014


All appropriations bills must originate in the House.  With no expectation that any of the regular appropriations bills will be enacted by September 30, the end of FY 2013, the House will consider a resolution (H J Res 59) that continues funding (a “CR”) for most government operations through December 15 in order to avoid a government shutdown.  The CR will provide funding at current, post-sequester FY 2013 levels with some adjustments (anomalies) for certain specified activities.  The funding “anomaly” of most interest to IME is an increase in the cap on the amount of fees that the Mine Safety and Health Administration may collect for approval and certification of mine-related equipment, materials and explosives from $1.5 million this year to $2.5 million.  No amendments will be allowed to the CR.  The administration has issued a statement that it will veto the bill, if it is enacted by Congress, because funding levels provided are too low and because it defunds “Obamacare.”  There is no expectation that the Senate will pass this bill as written.