IMESAFR Training Set for Troisdorf, Germany Sept. 24-26


The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME), Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers (FEEM), SAFEX International, and APT Research are pleased to formally announce an IMESAFR v2.0 training course, to be held 24-26 September at the Orica offices in Troisdorf, Germany.    The training will be preceded by a regulator workshop on Monday 23 September.

IMESAFR is a probabilistic risk assessment tool used to calculate risk to personnel from explosives facilities.  This software not only calculates QD based on NATO requirements and other Quantity Distance regulations, it can determine a level of safety based upon risk.  In addition to explosives quantity and distance, IMESAFR uses the donor structure and activity, the structure of the exposed sites, and duration of exposed personnel to determine a level of safety.

The new version of IMESAFR has some significant upgrades; including a completely new interface.  Some of the main upgrades are:

• GIS/Mapping Interface
• QD Analysis Capability
• Metric Capability

The new interface of the tool allows users to import maps or drawings of their site to assist with visualizing facility layouts and results. 

The single-day workshop designed to introduce regulators, managers, and other administrative personnel to the capabilities of risk analysis and the IMESAFR software.  This workshop introduces attendees to the types of answers that IMESAFR can provide, how the software is developed and validated and provides suggestions for review and acceptance processes.  The three-day software training course is intended for software users and anyone desiring to gain a better understanding of the software through detailed discussion and hands-on practical examples.

Fliers for the software and training are available.  If you are interested in taking the training, contact Tyler at APT ( and he will send you a registration form along with course logistics and cost details.  Because the new version is drastically different from earlier versions, previously trained students are recommended by IME to be trained on IMESAFR 2.0.  Seating is limited to 20 attendees so please let Tyler know as soon as possible if you are interesting in attending.