IME submits two INF Papers for the 43rd Session of the UN TDG


IME has submitted two papers for discussion at the 43rd Session of the UN Subcommittee on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG).  These papers will be considered by the TDG's explosives working group (EWG), which will meet during the 43rd Session, the week of June 24, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • UN/SCETDG/43/INF.9 discusses the results of a survey that IME conducted during 2011 and 2012 regarding UN Test Series 6.  This survey, and the resulting report (INF.9), are part of the work program of the TDG and its EWG to review all the tests in Sections I and II of the UN Test Manual.  The aim is to identify and remedy any over specifications, unnecessary specifications and errors in the tests as well as reviewing material requirements to ensure that they are appropriate to task and readily available.  In INF.9, IME reviews the major issues that survey participants identified, and in most cases, recommends a course of action to address those issues.
  • UN/SCETDG/43/INF.10 proposes improvements to the gap tests and the time/pressure tests found in UN Test Series 1 and 2.  IME makes proposals to remedy difficulty in obtaining some materials used in these tests and to eliminate the use of unhealthy and environmentally damaging materials such as lead.

These papers and others may be obtained from the UN TDG's website as follows:

For more information, contact IME's UN Consultant.  Contact information is provided at the bottom of IME's UN home page: