FY 2014 Budget Request ? ATF


The Administration’s FY 2014 budget request for ATF explains that the Bureau is restructuring its budget components from discrete firearms, explosives and arson, and alcohol and tobacco accounts, to accounts titled either Law Enforcement Operations (LEO), or Investigative Support Services (ISS). Resources for explosives regulation falls mainly under the LEO mission.  For 2014, the budget requests 285 full-time equivalents (FTE), an increase of 7 FTE from FY 2013.  Funding would increase from $47.0 million in FY 2013 to $49.9 million in FY 2014.  Explosives licensing is now combined with firearms licensing.  The budget requests an additional 4 FTE, from 145 FTE in 2013 to 149 FTE in FY 2014, for licensing activities.  ATF reports that, in FY 2012, it conducted 5,390 explosives licensee and permittee compliance inspections, corrected 1,528 public safety violations, and completed 77,965 explosives employee possessor background checks and 12,188 responsible person background checks.