SAFEX Issues 1st Quarter 2013 Newsletter


SAFEX recently issued its first Newsletter for 2013. This issue is a must read with many interesting articles and content. An article by John Tatom of APT describes the relationship between elements of QRA models such as IMESAFR and large scale tests. The incoming Secretary General, Piet Halliday is introduced.  Mike O'Lena of ATF writes "Explosives Regulations – The Balancing Act".  Several reader comments provide food for thought.  And as usual, readers will find many other interesting pieces.

SAFEX INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit making organization of manufacturers of explosives and pyrotechnics, founded in 1954. Much like IME, the aim of SAFEX INTERNATIONAL is to protect people and property against dangers and damage by the sharing of experience in the explosives industry. Interested parties are encouraged to contact SAFEX about membership.

Although SAFEX will be in exceptionally good hands with Piet, IME is saddened to see Boet Coetzee retire as Secretary General.  Over the last 9 years, Boet has raised the level of service provided by SAFEX to a new level.  In that time, SAFEX has transitioned from a reactive organization, disseminating lessons learned, to a proactive organization, waving the flag of safety all over the world. Best wishes to our "brother" and his lovely wife Betts as they open a new chapter together.