Congress Closes Out FY 2013 Appropriations


The House swiftly passed the Senate’s amended version of HR 933, legislation to keep the federal government open for the remainder of FY 2013.  The final funding plan kept most programs at their FY 2012 spending level, subject to an additional 5% cut if no deal is reached to replace the $85 billion “sequester” in the upcoming debate about the FY 14 budget. 

Of interest to IME:

  • ATF will receive $1.2 billion, a $1 million increase over FY 2012.
  • TSA’s Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing account received $192 million, with direction to expedite the finalization of the proposed TWIC reader rule, which was published in the Federal Register today.
  • TSA’s surface transportation activities, which include the activities of the Highway and Motor Carrier program, were cut 8% from the FY 2012 level to $124 million.
  • DHS was provided $77.9 million for the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Program, $15.4 million below last year’s level.  The reduction is due to managerial problems and poor budget execution.  In addition, Congress is withholding $20 million of this appropriation until DHS submits to Congress an expenditure plan for the program that includes the number of facilities covered by the program, and the status of inspections to authorize site security plans by the number of inspectors onboard, inspections pending, and inspections projected to be completed.
  • PHMSA’s Office of Hazardous Materials Safety was provided a FY 2013 appropriation equal to its FY 2012 rate for operations, $42.3 million.