Issue Briefs

As a representative of the commercial explosives industry, IME is frequently called upon to provide assistance to legislators and regulators when formulating policy with regard to the commerce and use of explosives products.  The following documents present current issues of interest to the IME and the commercial explosives community.


Clarifying DOT-OSHA Jurisdiction (April 2019)
Fumes from Blasting (April 2019)


Permissible Explosives Approvals (March 2019)
Strengthen Ammonia Nitrate Regulations (April 2019)


Eliminate Duplicative Regulations: Exempt ATF Facilities from CFATS (March 2019)​
Explosives Precursor Chemical Regulation (April 2019)
Security Vetting & Credentialing Reform (April 2019)


Clarifying DOT-OSHA Jurisdiction (April 2019)
Drone (Unmanned Aircraft Systems/UAS) Safety & Security (April 2019)


Technical Background 

Ammonium Nitrate Detonability Question (April 2019)
Taggants in Explosives (April 2019)