State Fee Directory

The Institute biennially prepares a directory of State Permitting and Licensing Requirements for High Explosives and Blasting Agents as a service to industry, regulators, and the public. 

2020 State Fee Directory -- State Database

Downloadable PDF File

The directory indicates whether or not a state requires persons or individuals to obtain permits or licenses as a condition to manufacture, import, distribute, sell, store, purchase or use high explosives and blasting agents. The directory also contains information about costs and exceptions to permit or license requirements. We know of no other organization or government entity that collects this information.

The information contained in the directory was provided by the states and does not include federal or local jurisdiction requirements. Because of the time sensitive nature of the information and the possibility of error, IME does not guarantee the absolute correctness or sufficiency of the data. Users are advised to contact states directly to determine specific requirements.

The directory is also available in print format for a fee of $20 for members, $30 for non-members. Click here to order a hard copy

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"Blasting Agent" means any material or mixture consisting of fuel and oxidizer intended for blasting that is not otherwise defined as an explosive, and that cannot be detonated by means of a numbered eight test blasting cap when unconfined.

"Distribution" or "distribute" means to sell, issue, give, transfer, or otherwise dispose of.

"High Explosive" means explosive materials, which can be caused to detonate by means of a blasting cap when unconfined.

"Import" means to bring explosive materials into the United States for purposes of sale or distribution.

"Individual" means a distinct human being.

"Manufacture" means to make explosive materials for purposes of sale or distribution or for the person's own use.

"Person" means a sole proprietor, firm, co-partnership, corporation, company, association, joint-stock association (including any trustee, receiver, assignee), or similar legal representative thereof.

"Purchase" means to obtain by payment of money or its equivalent.

"Possession" or "possess" means to have ownership. The term does not include temporary custody of explosive materials incidental to an individual's employment.

"Sale" means to offer by payment of money or its equivalent.

"Storage" or "store" means to safe keep explosive materials usually in specially designed structures called magazines.

"Use" means to cause the detonation of explosive materials.

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