Staff & Leadership

The IME is governed by a board of governors consisting of executive officers from the member firms. The board is responsible for the formulation of policy based on recommendations from IME's five standing committees. The implementation of policy and programs is directed by the Institute's president and executed by the staff with appropriate assistance and involvement of the membership.   

Officers of the Institute:

Chairman of the Board -  Ralph Hymer, Nelson Brothers, Inc.
Vice Chairman of the Board - Jeff Droubay, Dyno Nobel, Inc. 
Secretary and Treasurer - Sue Swanhorst, IME

Committee Chairs:

Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee (EA) - Carl Byrd, Dyno Nobel, Inc. 
Government Affairs Committee (GAC) - Tim O'Brien, Detotec 
Legal Affairs Committee (LAC) --  (Acting) Scott Bell, Dyno Nobel, Inc.
Technical Committee - (TECH) - Ian McNally, Hilltop Energy
Transportation, Distribution & Security Committee (T&D) - Pat Valentino, Hunting Titan

The Washington office of the Institute is managed by a staff of dedicated and experienced professionals who you may contact directly with your questions about the commercial explosives industry or association business.

Clark Mica - President
Susan Flanagan - Legislative and Regulatory Counsel
Joshua Hoffman - Director of Technical Services
Colby ShollerDirector of Government Affairs
Sue Swanhorst - Director of Human Resources & Finance 
Alexandria Caron - Manager of Special Projects & Member Services

Judith Hammerschmidt - General Counsel
David Boston - UN Consultant

IME Organizational Chart  -Dec 2020