Judith Hammerschmidt


Judith Hammerschmidt began her legal career at the US Department of Justice, serving as a special assistant to two attorneys general. Her primary areas of responsibility were international matters including terrorism, narcotics trafficking, organized crime and treaties; civil rights; judicial nominations and criminal matters. Thereafter she joined Dickstein, Shapiro & Morin where she was Of Counsel for seven years before becoming the Executive Vice President and International Chief Counsel of Herbalife International, living in Brussels and London. When Herbalife was sold, she “retired” but soon launched a restaurant group of “mindful dining” restaurants, while continuing to serve as outside counsel to a series of small companies looking to expand internationally. In 2010 she sold her restaurant group and moved to North Carolina. Soon thereafter, having failed at retirement for a second time, she joined Duke Law School as the Director of Judicial Clerkships. After three years at the law school she became the International Counsel for a small dietary supplement company out of Vancouver, BC, helping it expand its business in the US and internationally as well as resolving its FDA issues. She comes to IME with a wealth of experience as a General Counsel with a focus on regulatory issues and international business.

Judith can be reached at (202) 251-9825 or judy@ime.org.