The Institute of Makers of Explosives has the following membership classes*, generally divided as follows.   
  • Regular Members - companies who manufacture commercial explosives and AN used in commercial explosives
  • Associate Members - companies who store, transport, use or distribute explosives, produce blasting agents, manufacture equipment used for commercial explosives, demilitarize explosives, or provide other related services, such as consulting or insurance 
  • Liaison Members - domestic or international organizations (e.g. other associations) that similarly represent explosives-related companies (Liaison Members do not pay dues)

A company considering membership may send a representative to participate in an IME Annual Meeting or a Spring Meeting to further understand the work of the IME.  There are no fees for IME meetings.  

Dues structures differ between Regular and Associate members. For more information regarding membership, the application process and dues, please contact IME's President, Clark Mica, at  See also IME's membership brochure.  

*Membership eligibility and dues are determined in accordance with IME Bylaws.