Industrial Explosives Security

Industrial explosives are some of the most secure and highly regulated commodities in commerce in the United States.  Federal regulations require the marking of explosives for identification and comprehensive recordkeeping as these products move through from manufacture to use in commercial operaions.  Federal Law prohibits any individual who cannot meet strict background criteria from posessing explosives.  Explosives must be stored in theft-resistant structures. 

Rarely, thefts of commercial explosives do occur.  The latest data from the ATF shows that the number of reported incidents of commercial explosives thefts in 2018 was six (6), continuing a declining trend.  Most of the time, intense law enforcement efforts recover the explosives and the perpetrators are subjected to strict penalties.

The IME has developed and publishes security guidelines for use by all regulators and users of explosives in the form of Safety Library Publication No. 27, Security in Manufacturing, Transportation, Storage and Use of Commercial Explosives.  It is available for download at no cost in the publications section of this website.  Printed copies are available at a nominal cost.