The IMEPAC was formed in 1980 and is a non-profit, multicandidate, bipartisan federal political action committee affiliated with the Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) and registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).


What are the goals of IMEPAC?

The principal purpose of IMEPAC is to promote the interests of the commercial explosives industry by providing the opportunity for individuals and legally designated entities, interested in the future of the commercial explosives industry, to contribute to the financial support of worthy candidates for federal elective office.

To whom does IMEPAC distribute?

To candidates in U.S. Senate and House general elections who believe in, and have demonstrated support of, the principles to which the industry is dedicated.

What is meant by an authorization for solicitation?

Each IME corporate member must give prior approval to IMEPAC before its executive and administrative personnel, shareholders, and their families can be asked or "solicited" to make a contribution to IMEPAC.

Are there limitation on authorizing solicitations by IMEPAC?

Authorization to solicit is granted on a calendar year basis and may be given to only one federal political action committee.  Such authorization to IMEPAC does not, however, preclude solicitation by the corporation's own political action committee.

If the company has already granted another federal political action committee authorization to solicit, how can you still help the IMEPAC?

IMEPAC is allowed to accept voluntary, unsolicited individual or company PAC contributions.

Are there restrictions on contributions?

Yes. Contributions cannot exceed $5,000 a year per individual.  Any contribution of $100 or more must be on a personal check and those over $200 must show the name of the contributor's employer and the occupation of the contributor.  IMEPAC cannot accept corporate contributions except through a company's federally registered PAC.  However, corporate funds can be used to pay administrative costs related to the establishment and solicitation of contributions.

How does someone interested in helping the explosives industry make an unsolicited contribution?

Simply by adhering to the above referenced restrictions and sending your check payable to the address on the contribution form.

Are contributions mandatory?

All contributions are voluntary.  Anyone has a right to decline to contribute without reprisal.

For a listing of contributors, visit; select "view contributions and financial reports filed by Presidential and House campaigns, parties, and PACs"; select "imaging form", enter "IMEPAC." 

IME Members can find more information regarding the IMEPAC by clicking here.