The principal goal of the IMEPAC is to make the interests and concerns of the commercial explosives industry known to members of Congress. The proceeds are used to provide financial support to worthy candidates for federal office. The IMEPAC provides the opportunity for individuals and legally designated entities interested in the future of the commercial explosives industry to contribute to our efforts.  

2019 Raffle

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Value of IMEPAC

2019 IMEPAC annual contribution goal:  65,000

2019 Contributions to date:  $32,295



IMEPAC thanks the following individuals for their contribution in 2019:

Champions - Gold ($2,500 - $5,000)

Mary Jane Gelormino, Vet's Explosives
Tom Gelormino, Vet's Explosives

Ralph Hymer, Nelson Brothers
Rodney Marchand, Orica
John Sonday, Accurate Energetic Systems
Dave True, Austin Powder

Benefactors - Silver ($500 - $2,499)

James Barker, JRC/Halliburton
Scott Blazek, Nelson Brothers
David Boston, Owen Oil Tools
John Capers, Austin Powder Company
Clint Fritz, Nelson Brothers
Mitch Green, Maine Drilling & Blasting
Judy Hammerschmidt, IME
Charlie Nelson, Nelson Brothers

Terry Newton, Nelson Brothers
Deb Satkowiak, IME

Sponsors - Bronze ($100 - $499)

Mike Anderson, Nelson Brothers
John Boling
Susan Flanagan, IME
Nick Harrington, JRC/Halliburton
Josh Hoffman, IME
Frederic Jardinico, Dyno Nobel
Doug Maggard, Orica
Mark Moats, Dyno Nobel
Debra Payne, Owen Oil Tools
Bill Reisz, Davey Bickford
Colby Sholler, IME
Sue Swanhorst, IME
Bobby Van Rensberg, Accurate Energetic Systems

Contributors - Red ($50-$99)