Grassroots - Contact Your Representatives.

All Politics are Local!

From time to time IME may call on its members to assist them with a legislative matter. While IME staff educate Members of Congress on our industry's needs, the best advocates are you -- the consituents.  Your elected Representatives and Senators want to hear from you on the issues because your communication provides them valuable insight that they normally would not receive.

In order to learn more about your Members of Congress and how you can send them a message, follow this link for your U.S. Representative and this link for the two Senators that represent your state.

We encourage you to get to know your elected officials and, if possible, attend local meetings they host.  Members of Congress routinely hold public meetings in their district when they are not in Washington.  If you contact their office, they will let you know when there will be opportunities for you to meet at a location near you.  To further your relationship, we encourage you to invite them to your facility, if possible.  Elected officials like to meet the voters and see businesses that drive the economies in their district and state.  For more information and to learn how easy it is to host a site visit, please contact Colby Sholler.