About IME

The IME is the Safety and Security Institute of the commercial explosives industry. The Institute represents U.S. manufacturers of high explosives and other companies that distribute explosives or provide related products and services. The Institute has promoted safety and security practices throughout the life cycle of industrial explosive products for more than 100 years. An average of 3 million metric tons of explosives are consumed annually in the United States, of which IME member companies produce over 95 percent. They are essential to energy production, highway and building construction, and the manufacture of almost all metal and mineral products. 

IME was founded with the encouragement of the government to develop best practices for the industry to stem the proliferation of accidents involving explosives' operations. In response to these concerns, the Institute has since led the industry in the development of comprehensive recommendations and guidelines for the distribution and use of commercial explosives. These recommendations have been incorporated into many federal, state and local regulations governing safety and security in the manufacturing, transportation, storage, handling and use of explosive materials used in blasting and other essential operationsThe work of the IME has ensured the safety and protection of this country's employees, consumers, and the environment.

The institute publishes recommendations in a series of Safety Library Publications and Recommendations which all aspects of operations throughout the life cycle of industrial explosive products and services. The IME's SLP's are available for purchase here.

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