A Century of Safety

IME Celebrated a Century of Explosives Industry Leadership
Santa Barbara, California in May 2013.

Keynote Speaker
Alan I. Roberts

Dangerous Goods Advisory Council


Address by

Hans-Heinrich Meyer
Secretary General
Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers


Some of the congratulatory comments received include:

"I regret that I cannot join you on this momentous occasion, but offer my hearty congratulations on this milestone.  Please give my best regards to everyone in attendance and know that I will always hold the IME family in the highest regard.  I was honored to be a part of this most respected and important part of the commercial explosives industry."

Fred Smith
IME President 1979-1994 


"The SAFEX Board of Directors wanted me to convey to you, your Board of Governors and every member of the IME, SAFEX International's sincerest congratulations on achieving this remarkable milestone.  SAFEX is proud to be associated with the IME and notes the valuable work you have done during the past 100 years to make our industry safer, healthier and environmentally friendlier.  As this is SAFEX's raison d'etre worldwide, we salute your Institute's commitment to eliminate harm from explosives.  We furthermore pledge our continued support to such efforts in the future."

Dr JE (Boet) Coetzee
Secretary General, SAFEX International


"It's not easy to decline your kind invitation to join you on the occasion of your centennial celebration.  My years with IME were very rewarding, gratifying and enjoyable.  They generated friendships which are alive and well thirty-three years later. Those years provided experiences that otherwise I would never have known.  The Blasting Cap Safety Education Program made friends I cherish decades after first introductions.  I extend best wishes for a memorable centennial celebration, and once again say thanks you for the invitation to join you in Santa Barbara."

Harry L. Hampton Jr.
IME Executive Director 1974-1979
Secretary-Treasurer 1961-1979