The employees of our member companies form the core of the Institute's expertise in the development of guidelines and recommendations.  Members can access a Personnel Directory of company representatives above.



5891 Hwy. 230 W., McEwen, TN 37101, Tel: (931) 729-4207
Accurate Energetic Systems (AES) is a manufacturer of various high explosive compositions and specialty products for the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. industrial markets.  These markets include aerospace, military, oil exploration, commercial blasting and precision demolition applications.



25800 Science Park Dr., Cleveland, OH 44122, Tel: (216) 464-2400
Austin Powder is the second oldest manufacturing company in Ohio.  Today, they manufacture a full-line of industrial explosives and accessories, and provide blasting services to customers throughout North America and around the world.




P.O. Box 1407, Houston, TX 77251-1407, Tel: (713) 625-4603
Baker Atlas provides a wide-range of services and information, which allow oil and gas companies to define, reduce and manage their risk.  To this end, Baker Atlas offers a complete range of downhole well logging services for every employment including advanced formation evaluation, production and reservoir engineering, petrophysical and geographical data acquisition services.



7390 South Creek Road, Suite 103, Sandy, UT 84093, Tel: (801) 562-3045
For over 150 years, Davey Bickford has manufactured pyrotechnic products.  Their development has been closely associated with the use of explosives and firing systems in mines and quarries and in aeronautical and ordnance applications.  Davey Bickford represents more than 1,200 products.


P.O. Box 276, Sterling, CT 06377, Tel: (860) 564-1012
Detotec manufactures Perfacord, a high-quality detonating cord designed for precise timing, reliability under adverse conditions and ease of handling.  Detotec is constantly exploring the use of new materials and new manufacturing methods to improve efficiency and meet the changing requirements of their customers.




 DYNAenergetics US, Inc.
3317 Highway 620N, Austin, Texas 78734, Tel: (512) 327-2043
DYNAenergetics is a manufacturer and supplier of oilfield and indusrial-related explosives and components.

2650 Decker Lake Boulevard, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, Tel: (801) 364-4800
Dyno Nobel has become the world's leading explosives company and a global supplier of commercial explosives solutions.  Dyno Nobel can now boast the most complete range of initiation systems available on the market today---including the industry's most advanced electronic initiation system.



General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems -- Munitions Services
PO Box 1386, Joplin, MO 64802-1366, Tel: (417) 624-0212

Provides a service of responsible destruction of surplus explosives and explosive wastes.



10500 West Interstate 20, Millsap, TX 76006
GEODynamics helps operators and service companies complete more profitable wells. For conventional, unconventional, and deep water reservoirs, our CONNEX® and RaZor® perforating technologies deliver Seven Performance Drivers that are proven to enhance profitability.


143 HCR 4381 Milford, TX 76670, Tel: (806) 665-3781
Hunting Titan designs manufactures and distributes energetics, perforating gun systems and well logging instruments, providing state-of-the-art well completion solutions globally to the oil and gas industry.




8432 S. Interstate 35 W. Alvarado, TX 76009-9775, Tel: (817) 783-5111
Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries.


88 Gold Ledge Avenue, Auburn, NH 03032, Tel: (603) 486-7765

Maine Drilling & Blasting has earned our reputation as one of the safest, most experienced drilling and blasting companies in the Northeast. During the past 40+ years, we’ve performed over one million controlled blasts for highways, site development, quarries, houses lots, utilities and marine work.


5505 S. 900 East, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84070-6408, Tel: (801) 233-6000

MAXAM North America is a Utah Corporation organized in 1979.  The company's primary products and services include the manufacture, licensing and supply of commercial explosives used in mining throughout the world.


PO Box 546, Ione, CA 95640, Tel: (209) 274-4715
MP Associates is a manufacturer or specialty explosives used by the U.S. Department of Defense as well as by commercial markets around the world.


111 Riverbend Road, Suite 270, Athens, VA 30602, Tel: (706) 316-3525
MuniRem conducts explosives decontamination and neutralization operations.



820 Shades Creek Parkway, Suite 2000, Birmingham, AL 35209, Tel: (205) 414-2900
Founded in 1956, Nelson Brothers is a leading manufacturer and distributor of mining explosives products and services to many of the largest surface coal producers in the United States as well as the nation's largest aggregate producer.  Additionally, through Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemical Business, it provides products and services to customers throughout South America, Asia and Europe.  With more than 500 employees and operations throughout the United States, Nelson Brothers has supplied more than eight billion pounds of its flagship emulsion product known as PowerNel(R) to the mining industry.



12225 Greenville Avenue, Suite 430, Dallas, TX 75243, Tel: (800) 766-6235 or (972) 644-0434
Nobel Insurance Services provide a broad-range of specialty insurance products and services to industries that manufacture, distribute, transport or use commercial explosives.  Their products and services are marketed through a network of independent insurance agents throughout the country.



33101 East Quincy Avenue, Watkins, CO 80137, Tel: (303) 268-5000
Orica is the world's leading supplier of commercial explosives, detonating systems and blast management services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries.  Orica products and services impact on every part of modern life, and their brands are market leaders that you trust and can depend on.


P.O. Box 765, Godley, TX 76044, Tel: (817) 551-0540
Owen Oil Tools LP, a Core Lab Production Enhancement division, is a global leader delivering Best Customer Solutions for well completions, workover, remedial and abandonment operations.  Owen offers a complete line of detonators for both exposed applications and fluid desensitive applications.  All Owen detonators exceed the API RP-67 Safety Requirements.





2131 Hammond Drive, Schaumberg, IL 60173, Tel: (847) 925-8100, Fax: (847) 925-8120
SCE Safety Consulting Engineers, Inc. (SCE) provides impartial consulting services and guidance to the industry in process safety. SCE has been in the hazards classification for the last 30 years and has conducted numerous inspections, performed extensive process safety audits and specialized safety evaluations of commercial and governmental operations involving chemical, propellant, pyrotechnic and explosives manufacturing in facilities worldwide.



710 Millers Run Road, Cuddy, PA 15031, Tel: (412) 221-5722
Senex Explosives is a western Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of emulsion-based explosives and other accessories.  Additionally, Senex also conducts drilling and blasting operations for the mining and construction industries.


Secured Land Transport
7138 N. 110th Avenue, Glendale, AZ, Tel: (877) 860-1600
Secured Land Transport is a Phoenix, AZ-based company that has quickly grown to be an industry leader in providing transportation protective services (TPS) to the government, defense contractors, and to commercial shippers that require high-security transportation of Arms, Explosives and Ammunition.



SLT Secured Systems International, LLC / TAIKO
P.O. Box 977, Tolleson, AZ 85353, (602) 722-8686
SLT Secured Systems International, LLC /TAIKO specializes in the design and management of highest security and safety of international and domestic shipments of dangerous goods and explosives. The company does business primarily in Canada with additional service in the United States and all other global markets.



3431 N. Reseda Circle, Mesa, AZ 85215, Tel: (480) 231-5603

A global leader in precision engineered energetic devices for the Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, and Mining & Blasting industries.



18600 West Corral Hollow Road, Tracy, CA, Tel: (925) 456-9700

Specializes in the manufacturing of precision secondary explosive components including initiators and detonators utilizing the Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) and Exploding Foil (EFI) concepts.



176 EastPark Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019, Tel: (540) 982-6881
Tread Corporation is a world leader in the manufacturing of bulk handling and processing equipment for the explosives industry.  Founded in 1957, Tread offers over 40 years of service and solutions to their customers by providing complete explosives storage, handling and delivery systems.



8141 East 7th STreet, Joplin, MO 64802, Tel: (800) 234-8768
Founded in 1929, TSMT began transporting explosives to three powder mills located in Joplin/Carthage, MO area to support local zinc and lead mining.  The company changed its name to Tri-State Motor Transit Company in 1931.  TSMT has long been a leader in the transportation industry.



7 South Street, PO Box 843, Torrington, CT 06790-4539
Vet's Explosives is an explosives supplier and blasting contractor in southern New England and New York State.  They specialize in blasting in the heavily populated urban corridor between New York City and Boston.


2553 Quality Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931, Tel:



PO Box 4607, El Monte, CA 91731, Tel: (929) 444-9271

Distributor of the Finest Reloading Powders --- Murphy Powder has been a major distributor to the reloading market for over 40 years.  They stock all major brands of smokeless powders and treat each jobers' needs and situations on an individual basis.




Canadian Explosives Industry Association (CEAEC)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Tel: (613) 723-2494



4 Avenue E Van Nieuwenhuyse, B 1160 BRUSSELS, Belgium

A non-governmental organization whose main objective is to encourage best practice in the industry, particularly in the areas of safety, quality and security, and to make the public aware of the importance of different uses of industrial explosives in creating its infrastructure and environment.  Additionally, FEEM works to ensure proper and adequate representation of the European Explosives Industry with both international and national regulating bodies and at conferences where matters concerning the regulation of this trade are discussed.



30325 Bainbridge Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44139-2295, Tel: (440) 349-4400



c/o Modoux Services Sarl, Route du Village 13, CH-1807 BLONAY, Switzerland, Tel: 41 21 943 0101



Explosives Safety & Technology Society --- VISFOTAK
Maimoon Chamber, Gandhibagh Nagpur -- 440 032, Maharashtra, INDIA, Tel: 91 712 2564285