American Table of Distances


The American Table of Distances applies to the manufacture and permanent storage of commercial explosive materials. The distances specified are those measured from the explosive materials storage facility to the inhabited building, highway or passenger railway, irrespective of property lines.

The American Table of Distances covers all commercial explosive materials, including, but not limited to, high explosives, blasting agents, detonators, initiating systems and explosive materials in process. The Table is not designed to be altered or adjusted to accommodate varying explosive characteristics such as blast effect, weight strength, density, bulk strength, detonation velocity, etc.

The American Table of Distances should not be used to determine safe distances for blasting work, the firing of explosive charges for testing or quality control work, or the open detonation of waste explosive materials. The American Table of Distances may be utilized as a guide for developing distances for the unconfined, open burning of waste explosive materials where the probability of transition from burning to high order detonation is improbable.

Approved by the IME Board of Governors December 7, 1988