Blasting Cap Safety Education


In 1926, IME initiated the Blasting Cap Safety Education Program which continues today. This nationwide program was designed to educate children to the dangers of blasting caps (detonators) and to reduce the number of accidents involving them.

Over the years, this educational campaign has used a variety of safety education materials, including ads in magazines and newspapers, safety posters geared to children and adults, TV spots and teacher's instructor kits.

The Boy Scouts of America, in connection with their participation in the program, proposed the use of actual examples of blasting caps for Scoutmasters to use in their safety training.  This led to the production of the first detonator display board in 1947 on which were mounted various nonelectric and electric blasting caps.


When the program began, hundreds of children were being injured or killed each year. Over the years, the injury rate has been drastically reduced, and for the last 10 years blasting cap injuries to children have been in the single digits in the United States.

Today, the program centers around a DVD program titled: Don't Touch, which includes a video display of various detonators.  This program is available on our safety videos pages