The Explosives Safety and Security Institute

HR 4007 is Signed


Thursday, President Obama signed into law, HR 4007,  the "Protecting and Securing Chemical Facilities from Terro {...}

FY 2015 "Cromnibus" is Enacted with IME Supported Policy Riders


Congress avoided a government shutdown by enacting HR 83, legislation that will provide about $1 trillion in discretionary {...}

Congress Enacts CFATS Authorization Legislation


Today, the House followed the action of the Senate and voted to authorize the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards ( {...}

FY 2015 Cromnibus Includes Rider to Suspend the Restart Provision under HOS Rules


The FY 2015 Cromnibus (HR 83) includes a rider proposed by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to suspend implementation of “r {...}

The Explosives Safety and Security Institute

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