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Senior Public Policy Counsel

Susan J. Flanagan

Susan FlanaganSusan Flanagan serves as Senior Public Policy Counsel at IME, where she manages IME’s Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs, and Transportation and Distribution Committees.  As such, she is the principal liaison with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Department of Transportation.  She also works with other federal agencies on matters of interest to the commercial explosives industry.  Flanagan also handles copyright, trademark and other matters as they pertain to the publications of the Institute. 

Flanagan has served the commercial explosives industry for over 25 years as a member of IME’s staff.  Before joining the Institute, Flanagan was an attorney with notable law firms in the nation’s capital and specialized in environmental, occupational safety and health, and hazardous materials transportation matters. 

Flanagan earned her undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire and her law degree from the Syracuse University School of Law.

Susan can be contacted at (202) 266-4315 or

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